Hi, I’m Jo and I am the founder of Joanna Naturals. I am an aromatherapist and my passion is everything related to skin health, wellness and promoting health and happiness!

Joanna Naturals is a multi award winning artisan company that creates vegan skin care products using natural plant based ingredients.


Nature's answer to beautiful skin.

Our products are formulated to target the every day skin concerns that are experienced by many people, in particular for women during the mid years of their life that may be experiencing the skin changes that can occur at this time.

As women start to experience the hormonal changes associated with the perimenopause and menopause, keeping their skin healthy and balanced can become more challenging and skin sensitivity more problematic.

One of the key things that we focus on when creating our skin care products is skin protection. We don’t just want your skin to feel great for a short while, we want to keep your skin healthy and balanced all of the time.

As a long term sufferer of sensitive and blemish prone skin myself, I have spent many years looking for the right products to keep my own skin healthy and feeling good. Sensitive skin is becoming increasingly common with more and more people seeking gentle natural alternatives to the big high street brands.

​There are many natural plant based oils and extracts that are excellent for targeting skin problems and this is the focus of our formulating.

Many of the ingredients that we use are known for their ability to soothe and calm inflammation, regulate sebum production and nourish and protect the skin in general. Using natural ingredients that your skin recognises can help to reinforce the skins natural structure.

I am myself in the same age range as the clients we tailor our formulating for and can resonate and empathise with the problems that are often experienced.

We are always happy to receive your questions and comments and will do our best to advise you on any of your skincare issues.

Jo x

 Photo Credit - David Nuttall Photography - davidnuttall2018@outlook.com
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Nature's Answer To Beautiful Skin